About Us

Ken Begg Nursery Sales Inc. was founded in 1985 by Ken Begg. Ken Begg is the owner and visionary of the company. Our mission is to supply quality trees throughout North America. He has based his business on high quality standards and enforces these standards to all his growers.

Ken Begg Nursery Sales has three divisions of sourcing trees. The first is our small 100-acre farm with specimen evergreens and specialty items located in Ontario. The second is our contract division. We have about 500 acres of evergreens under contract. Meaning, a variety of growers that grow specifically for us as well as trees we buy in ground. We use various contract diggers to dig these trees. The last part of our business is our brokerage division that is spread through Ontario, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

We have discovered through time that having a diverse area of tree production ensures that we have a large variety of trees to supply to our customers. It gives us a longer shipping window, as we start in the south and keep moving north as the weather warms. We can also move to the areas with appropriate moisture to keep production moving.

Using all of our suppliers and contract diggers we have enormous digging power with access to many different types and sizes of tree spades. This will ensure the correct ball for the areas soil type as well the correct size ball for the tree, increasing survivability.

To ensure our quality standards, Ken Begg Nursery tags all trees being shipped. All our diggers use our digging and tying methods to create a unity of our material. We spend an enormous amount of time sourcing products and enforcing quality control to ensure our customers get the best product we can supply. We stand by our products and are proud of the plant material we ship.